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A Poem of Sayyidatina Faatimah Azzaharaa by Ustazah Farhana Munshi and Sister Sarah Munshi.



The poem and the images in the book are handwritten. The book includes a well-researched guide for parents.


About the author

Ustazah Farhana Munshi began her education in Singapore, completing a degree in engineering in the National University of Singapore under the Scholars program, before an incident while on hajj changed her perspective on life.


She then embarked on her journey in the Islamic studies full time, studying first in the established Zaytuna Institute summer program for Arabic Studies, then continuing in Syria, before spending 4 years in Dar az-Zahra, Tarim, Yemen learning the foundations of the Deen at the feet of male and female scholars, and later translating for them.


She is now based in Singapore where she teaches ladies various Islamic sciences including Arabic for the Qur’an, Qur’anic Tafseer, Prophetic History and Prophetic Parenting

Queen of My Heart

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