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A Must-Have Sunnah Series 

for Little Kids!

Do you want your children to LOVE the sunnah?


How can we get our children EXCITED about our Prophet's sunnahs without being preachy?


Well, give them a bubble bath! (Just kidding...)


Fill them with delightful stories that beautify their character.


Here are the perfect books to add to your collection:

Iman's Sunnah Adventures

This series follows Iman, a spirited, good-natured young boy who is very eager to put into practice what he learns about Rasulullah s.a.w. through his mother and father. 


Children will love the hilarious illustrations that capture Iman’s attempts in following the Prophet’s way. The action-filled stories are easy to follow and are ideal books to introduce sunnahs through a child’s experiences. It will be hard to forget the sunnah of honouring guests and the sunnah of Jumu’ah after reading these books! 


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