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Inspiring love for the Deen

Our Story

We founded DeenHubb in 2018 with one vision: to bridge the learning-resources gap between the East and the West. 

Southeast Asia has a long, rich Islamic history dating back to the 9th century. Islam has the largest number of adherents in this region, offering a wealth of educational materials we believe could benefit our American-Muslim parents and their children

From award-winning titles "Huruf Island" and "Ana Muslim (I am a Muslim)", and best-sellers like "Hello, Little Muslim!", we hope to share with you the best that Southeast Asia has to offer.

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Social Causes

We believe it is important to create a positive impact in our communities. Since the founding of DeenHubb, we have partnered with local, national and international businesses and organizations in various community outreach programs.

From Salt Lake City, Utah  to Cincinnati, Ohio, we have conducted free kids' story time events, participate in mentorship and interfaith programs, and lend a hand to refugees displaced from their home countries.


Your purchases help us continue contributing to serve at-risk and under-served families.

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