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Material : Board Book

Page : 12 pages

Size : 16.5cm x 16.5cm x 1cm


Let’s introduce our baby to the prophets in Islam. Is it too early, mommies?


Babies’ brains are like sponges! Don’t be surprised when your baby would tell you simple prophet stories when they are 4 years old!  Their brains are absorbing everything that's going on around them. Plus, this book is interactive, MashaAllah!


Why is this book special?

-i t has simple prophet stories (referencing from the Quran)

- big and beautiful illustrations

- made of non toxic paper (food grade material)

- comes with puzzle to help in hand-- andeye coordination

- suitable from newborn to 2 y.o

My First Prophet Stories

  • 0-2 years old

  • Eligible for Media Mail

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