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Get Both the Islamic Busy Books and Save!


Each bundled set comes with:

- Prophet Yusuf a.s. Busy Book

- My Prophet Muhammad s.a.w. Busy Book


Prophet Yusuf Busy Book (Value: $25.99)

Author: Yatie Samsul (Malaysia)


Each page is referenced to verses from Surah Yusuf.


Let our children discover how Prophet Yusuf dealt with hardship so that they learn that Allah is testing each one of His servants. Those who bear with patience and have faith in Allah, are those who succeed, insyaAllah.


Lessons children will learn from the story of Prophet Yusuf:

  • Patience – waited for a long time to meet his father, only to  reunited when he was an adult
  • Faith – he preferred to be in jail rather than committing sins
  • Forgiveness – he forgave his brothers for their misdeeds towards him
  • Resilience – with every hardship he had, he continued to stay on the right path
  • Self-awareness – he knew his strength and weakness


There are THREE activities:
1. Solving puzzles
– Increase thinking skills
– Increase fine motor skills

2. Solving mazes
– Develop problem-solving skills
– Increase focus

3. Playing with clay
– Develop creativity and imagination
– Strengthen fingers that will help in writing skills development


– 26 pages of wipe-and clean material busy book (A4 size)
– a dry erase marker pen
– velcro-backed puzzles (3 pages)

- a zipper file to store all these items 

- No Playdoh will be provided


My Prophet Muhammad Busy Book (value: $24.99)

Author: Yatie Samsul


Let our little ones learn about our beloved Prophet Muhammad s.a.w. through hands-on activities! All activities and stories in this book come with the references from the Quran and authentic hadeeth. It has been reviewed and approved by scholars. The book comes in a zipper bag, making it easy to bring it along wherever you go! 


What you’ll receive:
A custom made zipper bag
32 pages busy book 
Puzzle pieces
A marker pen
Cotton balls





Prophets Busy Book Bundle

$45.00 Regular Price
$40.00Sale Price
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