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Aqua Magic Colouring and Write &Wipe Clean Book:

Allah Is With You Wherever You Are.

Take our kids on a beautiful fun-filled journey to truly know Allah s.w.t as we explore some of the common questions asked by the kids about Allah’s attributes.

Aqua Magic is a compact spiral pad 6 reusable pictures to color with the included water pen and 6 reusable write and wipe clean page. Fill the pen with water to color the 6 pages and reveal the hidden pictures.


Let it dry so that pictures will disappear and may be used over and over again. Use a a whiteboard marker to trace, write and do the activities on the Write and Wipe Clean 6 pages.
– 6 reusable pictures in different themed background beautifully illustrated
– 6 write and wipe clean pages with tracing Hijaiyyah letters & matching activities
– ABCs of Allah's (swt) attributes:

Wujud, Qidam, Baqa, Mukhalafatu lil hawaditsi

Qiyamuhu binafsihi, Wahdaniyah, Qudrat, Iradatwa, 

Ilmu, Hayat, Sama', Bashar, Kalam, qaadiran, muriidan

'Aliman, hayyan, sami'an, Bashiiran, mutakalliman
– Develop hand-eye coordination, fine motor skills and helps develop focus and creativity
– Compact, Mess-Free Colouring, Reusable and Ideal for on-the-go


Written by Adee Salleh

Islamic information vetted by Ustazah Diyana @heyballerina, a graduate of Al Azhar University. 


Water Magic Coloring Book by Chicmamae

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