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Boxed Set of 7 board books featuring Alif - Ya.

Each book measures 18cmx18cm


This amazing series will revolutionise how you see the Arabic alphabet. Be swept away by the stories of the alphabet with tales of love, friendship and adventure. Read it aloud and fall in love with the characters. You don’t have to pull out your hair to introduce or think of creative ways of acquainting your child with the Arabic alphabet.
Let the stories do it for you!


Book 1- A Day Out Fishing: Alif- Ba- Ta- Tha

Join Alif on his fishing trip and discover the bountiful blessings we receive from our creator. Get acquainted with the Arabic Letters: Alif- Tha, through this innovative story of a day out at sea.


Book 2: The Three Brothers: Jim-Haa- Kha

Meet Alif's sons, the three brothers of Huruf Island. Join Jim, Haa and Kha in their home and get to know what makes them unique.


Book 3: A Race to the Island: Dal-Dhal-Raa-Zaay

Paddle out to sea with the three brothers and their friends as they race to an island. Get introduced to the Arabic letters Dal to Zaay, in this powerful story where honesty takes the prize.


Book 4: A Great Escape: Sin- Shin - Sod - Dhod

Enter the island where a hidden danger awaits. Will the three brothers and their friends be able to escape from the evil clutches of the hissing creature? Find out as you get introduced to the Arabic letters, Sin - Dhod, in this thrilling story.


Book 5: Whats on my Hook?: Taw-Dza-Ayn-Ghayn

Alif heads out fishing again but this time nothing seems to go right. Join the Arabic letters, Taw - Ghayn, in this enlightening story on patience and gratitude.


Book 6: The Land Far, Far Away: Fa-Qaf-Kaf-Lam

Transport yourself to the land of far, far away where stories from the past come to life. Meet the Arabic letters, Fa to Lam, in this riveting tale about faith and beauty in the land of far, far away.


Book 7: The Wild Mango Hunt: Mim-Noon-Ha-Wow-Ya

When Mim, the monkey, ran out of mangoes, there was only one thing to do: look for more mangoes. Join the three brothers as they explore the land of far, far away, where you will meet the last of the Arabic letters, from Min to Ya.

The Arabic Alphabet of Huruf Island - Homely Hammock

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