Bundle A

1 Madinah Prayer Rug in Olive ($24.99

1 Ikitikaf Tent/Zone Wooden Sign by Lilly and Lulu Co


Bundle B

1 Madinah Prayer Rug in Olive ($24.99)

1 Cloth banner (Come to Prayer Come to Success) by Light Upon Light shop


Madinah prayer Rug

Made in Madinah Prayer rug that comes with a bag. 

Color: Olive

Size: Size: 60 cm X 30 cm

Thickness: 4mm


Wooden Sign

The Itikaf Tent/Zone sign is a handmade wood piece and hand painted hanging with a wood beads in elastic string.


Small 6.5 inches wide

Color: Dark brown


Come To Prayer Come to Success Cloth Banner

10X 13 inches 

Color: Beige 

Iktikaf Kit

Bundle Types

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