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Save money when you purchase a bundled set ($50 for 2/ $65 for 3)

Mix and match. Choose from:

-Fatha (rainbow)

-Fatha (furqan : black and white)

-Kasrah (rainbow)

-Kasrah (furqan)

-Dhommah (rainbow)

-Dhommah (furqan)

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Arabic Felt Flash Cards - Great for helping your child learn Arabic alphabets and numbers. Good for sensory learning and pre-writing skills as learners can trace the letters.

Alphabet cards: 2 sided - a different alphabet on each side. 

Handmade item from Malaysia-based Mybbcanread. Letters are glued with non-toxic glue. String provided to hold the cards together.

Felt Cards Bundle (Fatha or Kasrah or Dhommah)

$50.00 Regular Price
$40.00Sale Price
  • Handwash with cold water. Do not tumble dry.