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Book Title : Desiring Light
Author: Ameera Aslam
Publisher: Bilal Books (August 2020)
Language: English
Genre: Poems & Reflections
ISBN: 9789811457098
Pages: 132
Format: Paper back

Desiring Light is Ameera Aslam's first collection of poetry & prose. They are about traversing the spiritual path in modern times, grief, hope and God's Overflowing Mercy.
"How can we love the Divine?" was a question she asked at 18, and found the answer a decade later.
This book documents that journey.


Ameera Aslam is a writer, poet, editor and activist. Her work has appeared in Karyawan,,,, Masjid Khalid, Darul Arqam,, Rumi Center, Masjid En-Naeem, and more. She edits, translates and proofreads for Nusantara Books, Wasila Press, Karyawan, and others. She was the Founding Editor of, a popular online Muslim magazine. Her activism includes speaking out against domestic violence and supporting domestic violence survivors, and raising awareness and funds for migrant workers in Singapore (#SGMuslims4MigrantWorkers).

Desiring Light: Poems and Reflections

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